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Favorite Breweries

There has always been a great history of brewing in Yorkshire. Be it because of the great water or the county’s industrial heritage brewing has always been big in Yorkshire. Whilst the likes of Joshua Tetley & Son and Bentley’s may have departed the county or closed down there are still over 240 breweries across Yorkshire, more than any other county by a long way. These range from the traditional such as Timothy Taylor and Sam Smiths to the real ale revival breweries like Black Sheep and Copper Dragon and the craft beer revolution brewers such as Magic Rock and Great Heck.

Here is my attempt to document the countries breweries. It is still very much a work in progress and any offers of updated information would be very much appreciated. For a more comprehensive list of breweries in Yorkshire and across the country check out the Quaffale website.

Map of my Favorite Breweries

Index of my Favorite Breweries

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