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Flavourly Box Review

Flavourly Box Review

I’ve been ordering beer club boxes on and off for a couple of years now, Beer52, Honest Brew and Flavourly, without ever really committing to a regular subscription. With most at around the £3 per beer mark it only needs a couple of duff beers every month for it to start not seeming like such good value for money. Especially when I live down the road from one of the best bottle shops in the country where I can spend £3 and guaranty myself a beer I will like.

I’ve had some great beers from Honest Brew from fairly big players in the craft beer world such as Beavertown and Weird Beard and Beer52 have sent me some interesting collaboration beers from the likes of Hop Studio and Vocation. Now Flavourly have launched their £20 for 10 beers deal it seems too good to turn down. I suspect that I might not see those premium brands in the boxes but then that’s not why I get a craft beer subscription, I can buy Beavertown in Wine Rack, I want the box to be full of interesting brews I might not find elsewhere. At £2 a beer, I can afford for a couple to not quite hit the spot too.

So here is the rundown of my first Flavourly box of my new subscription, beer by beer. This month the box featured beers from Alchemy, Gypsy Inc, Barcelona Beer, Bom, XT Brewing and Loch Ness. Of the seven breweries three were new to me and of the ten beers I’ve only had two before.




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