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Tale of two Pit burgers

Tale of two Pit burgers

Since Reds True Barbecue opened on Cloth Hall Street to much acclaim and queues a plenty there has been a buzz around gourmet burgers, pulled pork and ribs. It’s not alone now in it’s offering with plenty of new places to go to satisfy your ‘low and slow’ barbecue craving. We check out one of the new boys in town and compare The Pit’s Pit Master burger with the original Red’s Pit Burger.

The-Pit-merrion-streetFirst off the venues. We visited The Pit early on a Saturday evening before a night at the Arena it wasn’t too busy. Descending the stairs into what used to be the ‘hell’ part of the Heaven & Hell nightclub into the surprisingly airy and light bar area. The looks is industrial with brushed concrete floors, mining lamps suspended from the ceilings and fittings made from old beer kegs. The seating areas to the side and back have much lower ceilings and the subtle theme has the feel of being down a mine. If you’ve been in any of Arc Inspirations other bars you’ll feel very much at home here with its booth style seating.

reds-interior-1The visit to Reds was on a Monday night, but as ever with this place there was still a queue. It wasn’t long before we were seen to our table though. Reds has been open 18 months now and still seems as popular as ever, they have even just opened a new branch in Manchester. As you walk in you can see the barbeque at the front of the open kitchen, and are handed a menu bound in thick brown leather. The indications are that you are here to eat meat, and plenty of it. It’s no frills, food served on metal trays but it’s delicious and there are a fine range of American craft beers on offer to wash it down with.

Now onto the burgers themselves. First up The Pit Master, ground beef burger, with pulled pork & charbroiled chicken, Monterey Jack cheese & beer battered onion rings.

Next the original Reds Pit Burger, two all steak burgers, sliced brisket, pulled pork, melted Monterey Jack, dill pickle, salad, dirty sauce, American mustard. All stacked on a glazed artisan burger bun.

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